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Find top-notch talent

Use Smart Recommendations to process candidates faster and have more engaging and insightful debriefs on BarRaiser Global Scorecard.

Better collaboration with hiring managers and teams

Collaboration with hiring managers was never like this before. BarRaiser Global Scorecard lets you take collective hiring decision along with the hiring team, driven by data rather than intuition

Easy onboarding for new recruiter

Make it easy for new recruiters to ramp up quickly with the role requirements. Enable them with recorded interviews, so they can get aligned with the recruitment pitch and gain full picture of recruiting practice.

Ensure minimal bias and best decisions

Interviews are no more a black hole. Any team member can quickly check tagged interview recordings and give their opinion thereby helping the hiring manager with different perspectives for the potential hire.

Ensure a great candidate experience

Structured interviews and prepared interviewers makes a very good impression about the company and helps in creating a good brand image. Fair and consistent interviews with the timely update on the result delivers a great experience.

Spend less time Scheduling

No more back and forth calling for scheduling. BarRaiser smart scheduling allows candidates to book their interviews at their convenience enabling recruiters to handle a lot more candidates at once.

Convert more candidates from the funnel

Showcase your culture and principles consistently and in an efficient way to your candidates with BarRaiser Interview Assistant. Let the candidates connect to your company values during the interview process


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