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interviewer training

Unique approach of Interviewer and recruiter training

Enable your interviewers with the BarRaiser interview assistant to conduct high quality interviews. Prepare your recruiters for success, equip them with the tools they need to succeed.

BarRaiser Interviewer Training process

A team of world-class interviewers is possible

An interview training program that is alive and dynamic to replace outdated, superficial ways. Use snippets from previous interviews and BarRaiser interview experts to train interviewers.

BarRaiser Interviewer Training process
BarRaiser Interviewer Training process

Continuous improvement for your team

BarRaiser Interviewer quality score helps every individual to work on specific areas to improve. It is scalable and helps in boosting the confidence of each interviewer which inturn reflects in superior candidate experience.

Easy onboarding for new recruiter

Make it easy for new recruiters to ramp up quick with the role requirement. Enable them with recorded interviews, so they can get aligned with recruitment pitch and gain full picture of recruiting practice.
BarRaiser Interviewer Training process


Value addition throughout your team
Hiring is a collective effort, we revolutionize the hiring process for your team

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Interviewer Training